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IGSuiteDownload IGSuite from Source Forge (Document expired)
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You can download all released project files from the Source Forge site at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/isogest link

We have included two compressed versions of the package, in '.tar.gz', and in '.zip' format. Their content is absolutely identical and work both in Windows and Linux systems.


More than 40.000 Download

Since its first release as opensource software, IGSuite has had in excess of 40.000 downloads. Thanks to Sourceforge.net for providing the diagram below of last 60 days downloads relative to the every day total download.

Download stats


Insert from MrTeutonic 30.12.2010 17:44:24
The demo looked really good and useful and I got interested.
But the documentation is not very helpful. As non-expert I failed on the installation of the suite on the webserver (after uploading through filezilla, how do I run the pear install.pl).
If I get it to run, I would be more than interested to contribute.
Still interested but not sure how to proceed.

Best regards.
Insert from Vincent 30.06.2010 20:46:43
I am impressed by the simplicity and usability at first sight using the demo!
But i really miss a good English documentation page and not the half-italian stuff!
Please put some work in it, it is really needed!
I am willing to help!
Insert from max 22.03.2008 10:57:31
if you would make a german version or language file, it would be a freat pleasure for me ;-) thx max
Insert from Penduga Arus 23.07.2006 05:20:01
let me try first
Insert from Puspendu 26.05.2006 18:06:28
Let me check it
Insert from Mansour 08.05.2006 03:30:51
It would be nice to have English as an option on the main page.

Thank you.
Insert from shen 30.07.2005 16:31:56
wow! รจ stupefacente! complimentoni! quello che cercavo!
Insert from IVAN 16.04.2005 19:47:16
Insert from Kevin Ford 22.02.2005 01:02:18
Would be nice to have English as an option on the main page.
Insert from sergio 02.02.2005 14:19:04
bello bello

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