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IGSuitePaperless Process Management (Document expired)
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Paperless Process Management

PPM systems take care to manage business content during the normal document life cycle. IGSuite has been capable of this innovation for nearly 4 years.

In PPM systems, the paper documents are converted to either PDF or TIFF digital format and any existing digital documents are stored in their native format.

Archiving documents in a PPM environment means you can manage them through specific and predefined flows which they assures the maximum control in terms of security and tracking.

IGSuite through its Documents Management system, eliminates the paper from archives, pulls down the operating costs remarkably and improves organizational efficiency.

The Digital Archives Are PRACTICAL. Why?

  • They are available whenever you need them simply by connecting to your IGSuite installation via an internet connection. This guarantees an enormous increase in productivity and better customer service;
  • The search for documents is fast: the indexing happens based on keywords chosen by the customer;
  • It is possible to report on specific document categories;
  • The searched document can be viewed through a normal browser or sent via email and they do not require new software to view the document;
  • They assist in automating the distribution process.

The Digital Archives Are SECURE. Why?

  • Only authorized staff can access the information after they provide appropriate credentials;
  • They can help support the needs of Privacy Law and ensure vital documents are captured as part of a structured DRP and BCP (Business Continuity Plan & Disaster Recovery Pan) thanks to systems use of automatic backup.

The Digital Archives Are ECONOMICAL. Why?

  • They can significantly reduces the time allocated to the management of documents;
  • They can reduce operating costs due to the reduction of the disk and physical storage space needed by each user (consolidation due the elimination of document duplication) and the reduction of the staff necessary in order to manage it;
  • It does not demand investment in any particular hardware or client side software;
  • It does not demand any particular training for the staff of the company because of the simplicity and intuitive interface;
  • A remarkable saving in the consumption of the paper is automatically obtained, which has a significant environmental benefit as well.


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