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IGSuite Sponsor Program


IGLabs Italy

IGLabs link is a non-profit organization dedicated to support and to promote the adoption of IGSuite. IGLabs is supported by the active contribute of open source developers around the world.

IGLabs makes available many services under a Sponsor Program. Donation can be used to add functionality to IGSuite or to adapt existing functionality to the specific needs of your company or to obtain different forms of support.

It is easy to donate and you can do it online right now. Take a look at our Contribute pages.

Commercial Support

Bacl Bit Studio

Black Bit Studio Italy

Studio Blackbit link offers consulting and support services to choose and install free and open-source software, with an emphasis on customisation, necessary to adapt a product to each client's specific requirements.

Studio Blackbit link also offers network and data security services, following the most recent laws and guide lines.

Our strength lies in our flexibility and in our continued attention to our clients requirements.

I.T. Concept

I.T. Concept Brasil

Desenvolvimento de Soluções Desenvolvemos Sites e Portais Web dinâmicos, assim como Intranet e Extranet de acordo com suas nessecidades. Usando Tecnologia Open Source (código aberto) e um Trabalho de Análise de Projeto bem definido, temos condições de desenvolver um Sistema Web bastante intuitivo e de fácil atualização.

Soluções em Software Livre Implementamos e adaptamos os sistemas ja desenvolvido para melhor atender seu negócio.
Design, tradução para o português do Brasil e outras línguas, desenvolvimento e integração de módulos.


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