IGSuitemysqlwdb - a free GPL Perl CGI to manage MySQL databases (Documento scaduto)
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mysqlwdb is a free (GPL) CGI script written in Perl, easy to configure and to install, intended to manage (SELECT, INSERT, etc.) MySQL database tables through your web browser interface. Just edit and configure ONE file.

Many thanks to IGSuite for the hosting.

Interface with free query
Multiple primary key field
User login


gisela  muy buena pagina y graxias
(15.05.2006 00:06)
Jesus  Me dejaron hacer una practica sobre esto, espero me sirva, gracias
(08.04.2007 01:15)
MMJ  Thank You
(23.04.2008 03:11)
Cristian  I am impressed of this script and I use it frequently. Very nice job!
(25.03.2009 12:35)
antani  lol nice work dree :D
(24.09.2010 16:35)

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