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IGSuiteDowload IGSuite on Source Forge (Document expired)
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E' possibile effettuare il Download di tutti i file rilasciati dal progetto di IGSuite sul sito di Source Forge al seguente indirizzo: http://sourceforge.net/projects/isogest link SourceForge Logo


sergio  bello bello
(02.02.2005 14:19)
Kevin Ford  Would be nice to have English as an option on the main page.
(22.02.2005 01:02)
(16.04.2005 19:47)
shen  wow! รจ stupefacente! complimentoni! quello che cercavo!
(30.07.2005 16:31)
Mansour  It would be nice to have English as an option on the main page.

Thank you.
(08.05.2006 03:30)
Puspendu  Let me check it
(26.05.2006 18:06)
Penduga Arus  let me try first
(23.07.2006 05:20)
max  if you would make a german version or language file, it would be a freat pleasure for me thx max
(22.03.2008 10:57)
Vincent  I am impressed by the simplicity and usability at first sight using the demo!
But i really miss a good English documentation page and not the half-italian stuff!
Please put some work in it, it is really needed!
I am willing to help!
(30.06.2010 20:46)
MrTeutonic  The demo looked really good and useful and I got interested.
But the documentation is not very helpful. As non-expert I failed on the installation of the suite on the webserver (after uploading through filezilla, how do I run the pear install.pl).
If I get it to run, I would be more than interested to contribute.
Still interested but not sure how to proceed.

Best regards.
(30.12.2010 17:44)
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