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IGWiki The Guide

At this point in time there are many disparate types of Wiki found on the Net. The idea of the Wiki is without doubt one of the more brilliant that has resulted with the advent of the Internet.Powered by IGSuite With little knowledge and this powerful tool, anyone can becomes a Webmaster and manage information on-line without the need for specialised software or particular technical capabilities.

In this page we do not want to delve into the concept of the Wiki as we would be duplicating the myriad of information already available on the Net. Rather we want to focus on the particular characteristics of the Wiki in IGSuite that we call IGWiki.

IGWiki has added the most common features that characterize a Wiki and one new features that it allows the possibility for every page to be associated to predefined template, a covering that accompanies the page during its rendering. It is recommended to read the [IGWiki Advanced] page for more detailed information.


Style Guide

When we had to choose between the several styles of tags present in the various implementations of a Wiki on the Net today, we discovered an unfortunate lack of consistency and standards. In the absence of a standard that we could use with IGWiki we decided to adopt the style used by Wikipedia, one of the more popular on-line publishing sites on the Net. The following link provides access to the style handbook used by Wikipedia.

When pages are written in IGWiki you must keep in mind some fundamental rules of formatting:

  1. It is important to ALWAYS open and to close a Tag that refers to the format of the text inside the same paragraph. It should be remembered that a paragraph is constituted of characters not containing a carriage return.

  1. Never use a carriage return in order to try to format the text. The change would be useless as the difference screen resolutions etc will change the way a page is seen by the user.

  1. Remember that all text written between square brackets will be interpreted as a link to another page.

  1. Never begin a line with a space or a tab character , as this may result in some unwanted outcomes such as the text being part of a list or being contained in a block (monospace) used to help visualize code (type code).

In the case where you wish to deactivate an inserted element, you need to ensure you enclose the element between the tag < nowiki> Element < /nowiki >. In this way the element can be shown as text rather than being an active element. This syntax is also useful when you you wish to insert the contents of a page inside the HTML tag.

In the case where you need to insert some HTML code, you need to enclose the code between tag < html> HTML code < /html >. There is an exception to this as IGWiki also supports small tag HTML also without using this mechansim.


In order to understand the operation of the style of IGWiki it is a good exercise to read the source of this page.


Formatting TAGS



''Text in Italics''

Text in Italics

'''Text in Bold'''

Text in Bold

,,Emphasized Text,,

Emphasized Text

,,,Evidenced Text,,,

Evidenced Text

--- Crossed Text ---

Crossed Text

---,,,,,'''''All the styles''''',,,,,---

All the styles



It is possible to create tables using the syntax as per the example below. For more indepth documentation on the creation of the tables on the style of Wikipedia you can refer to the following link http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Come_usare_le_tabelle

{| border=1
| Cell 1
| Cell 2
| Cell 1
| Cell 2

Generates the table below ...

Cell 1

Cell 2

Cell 1

Cell 2

Or embedding one table within the other as in this example show.

{| border=1 cellspacing=0
! Header1 
! Header2
! header line 3
| Text Text Text
| Text Text Text
! header line 4
| Text Text Text 
| {| border=1
| test1 embedded table
| test2 embedded table

that generates...



header line 3

Text Text Text

Text Text Text

header line 4

Text Text Text

test1 embedded table

test2 embedded table



1. The following syntax shows how an image can be inserted on the page. The following example shows how an image can be positioned as well as haveing a comment on the image. [ img://indirizzo.immagine.it/immagine.jpg|right|frame|width=400|height=200|The comment of my image ], or more simply [ img:///immagine.jpg ] which provides less posiotnal control and no comment. For a better understanding of inserting images you should refer to the Wikipedia documentation.

2. Linking to other Wiki pages can be simply be achieved by inserting the page name to the parenthesis inside square brackets. Example: [Other Page] that will have the result [Other Page].

3. The text for a link to another page can also be replaced using this system. Exmaple: [Page Name|Text that appears] that results in [Page Name |Text that appears].

4. It is possible to insert various elements of other pages (comprised of the same content you see [IGWiki Advanced] for example) by making a link using the square brackets and enclosing the name of the elemtent between them. As an example; to know the date of the last update of a page, the syntax is [IGWiki]{lastedit} and it returns 18.11.2007.

Thanks to this system it is even possible insert the content of other pages into table (result: [IGWiki Advanced]).

5. It is possible to insert a link to external connection/location by simply the typing URL http://www.igsuite.org resulting in http://www.igsuite.org


Le liste

Per creare liste di elementi occorre per prima cosa indentare il testo o con gli spazi o con i tab. IGWiki indenta la lista tante volte quanti spazi o tab trova prima dell'elemento. Per creare liste senza indice la lista deve iniziare con un asterisco tipo ad esempio...

* Mio primo elemento
* Mio secondo elemento

che genera

  • Mio primo elemento
  • Mio secondo elemento

Per creare liste ordinate con indice occorre indentare il testo e far seguire un numero o una lettera (che rappresenteranno il valore della lista) seguiti da un punto ".". Esempio...

1. primo elemento
2. secondo elemento

che genera

  1. primo elemento
  2. secondo elemento


I Permessi

All'interno di IGWiki ogni pagina ha definiti permessi differenti, rispettivamente per la visualizzazione e per la modifica. Tali permessi possono essere impostati e modificati in ogni momento dal proprietario della pagina o meglio colui che l'ha creata, e possono includere :

  • Solo il Proprietario della pagina
  • Tutti gli utenti (di IG)
  • Tutti indistintamente (utenti IG + guests)
  • Solo Utenti dello stesso gruppo del proprietario

Per default tutte le nuove pagine create hanno permessi di visibilità per Tutti indistintamente e permessi di modifica per Solo il Proprietario della pagina. In questo modo gli utenti guest (utilizzatori non loggati in IGSuite) hanno la possibilità di visualizzare pagine ma non di modificarle. Tale comportamento di default puo' essere modificato all'interno del file di configurazione di IGSuite.


Gestire le Versioni

IGWiki è capace di gestire le versioni delle pagine, ma vediamo in che modo. Quando una pagina viene creata, automaticamente è definita come bozza, e ad essa viene assegnato un numero di versione pari a '0'.

Allo stato di bozza le pagine (nel rispetto dei privilegi ad esse assegnate) posso subire innumerevoli modifiche senza alterare alcunchè.

Quando pero' l'autore della pagina ritiene che essa sia pronta per la pubblicazione dallo stato di bozza la porta allo stato di Approvata. L'approvazione delle pagine è uno dei permessi che si possono impostare in IGWiki, ne viene che non tutti possono approvare pagine.

Quando una pagina è approvata, non puo' più essere modificata. Infatti succede che se (permessi permettendo) si tenta di modificare una pagina approvata automaticamente IGWiki crea una nuova versione della stessa pagina, e gli assegna un nuovo numero di versione. Al pubblico ovviamemtne continuerà ad essere mostrata sempre l'ultima pagina 'Approvata' piuttosto che quella in bozza, fin quando l'autore non approverà la bozza.

N.B. Grazie agli [IGIsms|Isms] IGWiki avvisa sempre l'autore di modifiche o creazione di una nuove revisioni di sue pagine.


How to check for differences between versions of a pages

When in the time he begins himself to having more versions than a same page, a customer remains difficult to estimate what has modified in the new version, what that is would have to attract our attention without having rileggere all the document carefully.

To such IGWiki purpose other Wiki) of a system in order to carry out diff between versions of one is equipped (like it is daltronde many the same page. Entering in the page (permissions allowing) puo' to cliccare themselves on icona the History and to select which of the versions vogliomo to put itself to comparison. IGWiki will evidence only the modifications happened between one and the other page.


Integration between IGsuite and IGWiki

IGWiki has a double garment, in fact it is possible to use it in order to create a situated Wiki but at the same time puo' to use itself to the inside of the Suite in order to document or to annotate information to the inside of whichever features of IGSuite.

In fact through the system of creation of link through the parentheses the quadrants Wiki page is possible to insert one to the inside of whichever element of IGSuite. Imagined of protocollare a document and inserting in its notes something 123 famous type [ offer 200123,04 ] is a way much fast one in order to insert whichever content to the inside of whichever features.

Other example, could be that one of an appointment. In fact to the inside of an event in the calendar of IGSuite you will be able to insert voices type [ My impressions ] that it sends back to one page with of the contents. Or you could as an example send a message to an other customer always containing link to one a page in order to even make it to see it and to approve of.

Insomma integration of the Wiki in IGSuite of esaltà still more the potentialities rendering it one incredible instrument.

Enormous the advantage to work inner in the Intranet is pure on the pages that then will appear in the Extranet (in the situated Wiki). In this way one creates in the simplest way situated containing business information that evolvono and are brought up to date continuously.


Automatic Form Mail

Last not speaking about managed business portali from IGWiki, it is the possibility to create through simple tag of the form for the insertion of the data that when it sendes to you they send of the email to a predefined address. One reads for this features [IGWiki and FormMail].


IGWiki and the Blog

One of the particularitities of IGWiki, is that integral to the inside of every page the possibility to insert comments encloses you to the page. This from way to anyone (even if it has not allowed of writing on the page) to leave notes or inherent comments the content. The comments come enclose you to the page and not to the reviews, this wants to say that creating one new review of a page the old comments continue to exist.

E' possible to simply disattivare the management of the comments for one single page inserting to the beginning of it tag </nowiki>. [http://www.igsuite.org/cgi-bin/igwiki/IGWiki|Top] === To create a Wiki within IGWiki === When nacque the idea to create a Wiki for IGSuite was not believed next to the for external use only of the feature, but exclusively to the possibility to create inner pages for use it documents them. Later on then to the idea to begin a documentation of the plan, nacque the requirement to try a good Wiki system in order to make it. Fù then that it began the evolution of IGWiki towards a product is to for internal use only that to for external use only. In truth in order to create a situated Wiki with IGWiki he is sufficient to install IGSuite and to recall an address type this: <nowiki>http://mio.dominio.it/cgi-bin/igwiki Automatically the system will inform you that the two fundamental pages to the operation of the IGWiki do not exist that are: main and sitemap.

  • main E' the main page that from which part all tree of the pages.
  • sitemap E' the menù situated in a frame of left in which it is possible to structure the situated one.

From release the 3.2. of IGSuite moreover a Wizard is present that allows to create pages in way "assisted" and to take advantage of of beautifulst the template ones predefined. To recall link a type this: http://mio.dominio.it/cgi-bin/igwiki_wizard

N.B. In order to personalize the situated one moreover puo' to replace the logo of IGWiki with one just simply replacing the present image wiki_logo.jpg in the folder of the images of IGSuite.