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IG Development Labs

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to support and to promote the adoption of IGSuite. IGLabs is supported by the active contribute of open source developers around the world.


IGLabs makes available many services under a Sponsor Program. Donations can be used to add functionality to IGSuite or to adapt existing functionality to the specific needs of your company or to obtain different forms of support.

It is easy to donate and you can do it online right now. Take a look at our Contribute pages. We offer several forms of support:

E-Mail Support

Because of the number of messages we receive everyday, e-mail support is available only under donations or freely by sign up to the official mailing list project. Support answers are usually available in one business day, or even in the same day. It doesn't include new features development or specific bug fixing requests.

With offer of minimum 150,00 Eur you will automatically receive 1 year of e-mail support. If you have a problem or find a critical bug in IGSuite, we will respond to you within 24 hours and help you as soon as possible.

Remote Installation

If your server is connected to the internet and we can remotely log in to your machine, we can remotely install IGSuite for you. For this type of installation you have to donate a minimum offer of 300,00 Eur (Maximum of 4 hours, 50,00 Eur per extra hour).

Remote support

If there is a problem with your IGSuite installation, our labs can try to solve the problem remotely, if your server is connected to the internet and we are able to login to your machine. This form of support is available for the cost of 100,00 Eur per hour with a minimum of one full hour.


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