IGSuite Overview (Document expired)

What is IGSuite?

IGSuite is not a simple "office suite" with a word processor, spreadsheet etc and its much more than just a bundled mail, calendar and task suite.

IGSuite is an innovative web-based groupware application suite providing some of today's vital business applications such as customer relationship, resource and content management in an integrated solution with an easy to use, consistent look and feel across all applications in the suite.

IGSuite provides an excellent platform to help your organization plan, manage information and communicate better, not only internally but with your orgnizations most important entity, your customers.

Why IGSuite?

Simply, because we believe that IGSuite is better than every other open-source web-based groupware available. Its benefits include

  • Vital business applications such as CRM, ERP, CMS, PIM are included as standard.
  • It is a tightly integrated solution, rather than a set of standalone applications.
  • Better customer communications experience.
  • Improved staff productivity.
  • A reduction in the loss of "corporate memory" due to staff turn over.
  • A consistent look and feel across all applications.
  • Easy to use.

Some of the features and characteristics of the suite include:

  • Contact CRM management
  • Webmail
  • Full-featured and shared Calendar
  • Digital documents archive
  • ToDo management
  • Fax system (Hylafax client)
  • Content Management & Document Publishing (Wiki System)
  • Project management
  • PDA interface
  • Preferences per user
  • Different skins and layout
  • Available in different languages
  • Multiplatform (Linux & Windows)

... and more!

IGSuite History

IGSuite was born in 1998 when there wasn't any valid web-based groupware system available. We wanted a complete groupware system, so in the absence of anything that met our needs we decided to program our own. That was a long time ago (in IT terms at least :-)) and since then IGSuite matured into the fantastic open source groupware solution we can provide today.

IGSuite it's free and free

IGSuite is available as free software, complete with the source code and is licensed under the [wikipedia:GNU General Public License]. What does this mean? The whole thing is free, not only as in 'free use', but as in 'free speech' as well.

Minimum Requirements

IGSuite can be installed on Window and Linux/Unix platforms. The fundamental requirements for a successful installation are the Perl interpreter and a database. You can chose between PostgreSql and MySql. All the information about the installation can be found inside the package.

So what are you waiting for? Try the [Demo_on_line|Demo] or read more [documentazione|documentation]