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IGSuiteOn Line Demo (Documento scaduto)
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IGSuite Online Demo

The Online demo is now available to anyone who wishes to try out the capabilities of the suite. We trust that you will not abuse the service or load the system unnecessarily. Access to Demo

As the system is periodically restored the original state, all the inserted data and configuration changes will be lost.

The accounts available to use are limited so we invite you to install the product as soon as possible to try it without the limitations. The installation is simple and take only a few minutes.

Please use the following link to gain access to our Online Demo: Demo on Line link



asdfk  very good!
(06.12.2006 11:10)
DMKE  The application seems very good however...

I don't know how the languages pack were translated but one thing I've noticed is that the French language is absolutely NOT distributable. Only on the start page, I've found innumerable serious errors. Unfortunately, I've seen web sites translated in French by Google or any other unrecommended translation tool that were more readable.

If IGSuite wish to reach the French community, the language pack will have to be re-written entirely.
(26.03.2008 22:32)
jg  I have attempted to install on opensuse 10.3.  I have installed all requirements, and still the application will not install properly.  
using postgres as my database.  Gives panic error, states cannot access template1 to create the default database.  have installed pg driver as well.  Instructions not translated into English only Italian, so do not know where to look to fix this issue.
(03.09.2008 23:29)
sk  what are the credentials to the demo?
(21.10.2009 20:26)
Dan  The demo made me immediately turn away just based on the orange and red color scheme. I would suggest you go back to less aggressive blue tones... managing work is stressful enough without those colors.
(28.10.2009 13:29)
Gabiel Lara  I installed the group ware on Linux. But I cannot creat more users!!??
(27.04.2013 21:15)
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(20.02.2019 16:49)
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