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IGSuiteHow to translate IGSuite in other languages (Document expired)
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How to translate IGSuite in other languages


Through specific files which are similar to "dictionaries", IGSuite offer the possibility to be easily translated in other languages. Infact one of first actions done by IGSuite framework during his execution is the loading of dictionary file related to language set by user.

IGSuite store all dictionary files (each file per application) in a directory with a path similar to "../cgi-bin/lang/en/myapplication_lang" so we have in this example that IGSuite load the English dictionary language, for the application named "myapplication". Each dictionary file has the same name of the application that it has to translate plus the extension "_lang" and it is contained in a directory with the name equal to the acronym that represents the language.

N.b. makes exception the files base_lang and default_lang because they contain common terms to each application.

To create new dictionaries

In order to create new dictionaries file you have two possibilities: using the IGSuite Language Tool , or create a new directory correspondent to language you have to translate, and copying there all dictionary files taken from an existing language directory. To translate manually dictionary files you have to translate only the right content of each term.

In the first case, after installing IGSuite, you have just to connect to a link like this http://localhost/cgi-bin/langtool and modify all dictionary words. You will have to select application to translate and then translate all form values.

In the second case after you have copied all dictionary files, you will be able to use a text editor to translate each files. Here you are as a sample, one of the application dictionary files (postit application).

## IGSuite 3.2.0
## Language: postit_lang
## Last update: 04/04/2005

%lang = (%lang,
     attachments     =>'Allegati',
     same_window     =>'Apri all/'interno di IGSuite',
     new_window      =>'Apri in una nuova finestra',
     save_link       =>'Salva come nuovo collegamento',
     Err_nolink      =>'Errore: manca il nome del collegamento',


N.b. IMPORTANT!! dictionary files have to respect syntax of the Perl programming language. Look at second term quoting "same_window"

Check your work

The IGSuite Language Tool has a little feature you can execute by command prompt, able to check all dictionary files items.

To start a dictionaries check just move to IGSuite cgi directory and from command prompt:

perl langtool -action=ckitem

You should read a message like this:

Check language: it

Check language: en

Check language: es

Check language: pt

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