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IGSuiteIGSuite - Indice degli HowTo
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Installazione e configurazione


Sviluppo e personalizzazioni


Insert from munnoo 07.10.2012 14:10:08
I cannot find the documentation for developers. If the SRS is available, it would be a great help for developers who would like to contribute.  Also I can't find the answers to the comments.
Insert from alex 07.01.2012 09:58:11
'Protocols' are the logs.
'number of protocol' is a single item into log.
Insert from Gulli 17.10.2011 02:33:41
This is a nice application, but my problem is that most documents are in Italian (or Spanish?). You are in a need for some good English translation, and this includes the application itself that sometimes makes no sense (i.e., what is 'Protocols').
It is also not completely clear what the capabilities of the system, what can be added, etc;.

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