IGSuite Error


Can't connect to DataBase 'igsuite'. When my query was: 'select *, expire-current_date from pages where name='Eventi 11.12.2017' order by status desc, revision desc'. Server return: 'Too many connections' at IG.pm line 8794. IG::DbQuery("select *, expire-current_date from pages where name='Eventi 1"...) called at /srv/www/igsuite.org/cgi-bin/igwiki line 1054 main::loadpage("Eventi 11.12.2017", undef) called at /srv/www/igsuite.org/cgi-bin/igwiki line 2445 main::proto called at IG.pm line 2753 IG::DTable() called at /srv/www/igsuite.org/cgi-bin/igwiki line 95 -

Serverwww.igsuite.org with UNIX
Date2019-01-17 14:58
Procedure igwiki last modified 06/12/2014
Debug_InfoCarp | /usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2/Carp.pm | 166 | IG::__ANON__

To obtain more information please contact your System Administrator or if you want, send this message to staff@igsuite.org and help us to improve IGSuite