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IGSuite - Integrated Groupware Suite

IGSuite is an Wikipedia Linkopensource web-based suite adapted to companies that want to orient their organization towards the communication, the resources and activities sharing, and a complete documents management. Read the overview.

This site is realized through IGWiki one of IGSuite instruments. This wiki collects all the documentation dedicated to the project. If you want to collaborate you can read the section "How to contribute" where you will find all informations you need. Continues...

Welcome from IGSuite team

IGSuite 3.2 beta Released

We have released a beta version of next major release IGSuite 3.2. Try it and discover and test all new features. You can download the beta version packed in "zip" and ".tar.gz" format. Download Now! link

Try next IG 3.2

PPM - Paperless Process Management

PPMHere last acronym of the moment! The PPM systems take care to manage business content during all the normal document life cycle. IGSuite in advance of nearly 4 years is ready to this innovation.

In PPM systems the paper documents are converted in PDF or TIFF digital format and the existing digital documents are stored keeping their native format. Archiving documents in PPM mean manage them through specific flows which they assure the maximum in terms of security and tracing. Continues...

Paperless Office

IGSuite and Ajax

Next IGSuite 3.2 major release will use Ajax a new web technology that will improve remarkably the system usability. Ajax at this point is used in the most important projects for the web present on the net. IGSuite couldn't be useful for such opportunity!. Continues...

IG 3.2 and Ajax!

Ecosystem S.p.A. - Case History

In our company we utilize IGSuite from at least 5 years and thanks to it we have had the possibility to enclose in a unique instrument the management of numerous organizational and relationship aspects. Our business portal http://www.ecosystemspa.com link succeeds to link our customers with operators behind the Intranet. In this way we can offer a services with high added value.
Franco Bischetti, Quality System Manager. Continues...

Who use IGSuite?

SourceForge LogoThanks to Source Forge during the years IGSuite is growen and it has catch up today level. The CVS the Forum the Mailing List the access statistics, tens of instruments to freely disposition of Open Source developers.

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